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Finding The Best Personal Injury Lawyer In North York

Selecting the right personal injury lawyer is a serious task. It’s not something to take lightly. 

We understand that when you hire a personal injury attorney, you’re hiring someone to help you with some of the most personal and intimate details of your life. You’re looking for a knowledgeable team mate with exceptional legal expertise, a good working rapport, and a deep respect and compassion for your case.

This is a tall order. To become an effective personal injury attorney requires a keen mind, long years of schooling, years of trial by fire working in real courtrooms, and an empathetic understanding of the complexities and real humanity involved in personal injury law.

Only when you put all of these elements together do you have a truly effective and capable personal injury lawyer. 

At Diamond & Diamond, we strive to go above and beyond for all of our clients. We treat every case with the compassion and respect it deserves, working diligently to understand the unique details of each case and the special requirements of every client.

Personal Injury Lawyers In North York

When it comes to practicing law, few things are as important as raw experience.

In our extensive legal careers, we’ve come across just about every type of case you can describe. But even though there is little left to surprise us, we still keep our eyes out for those curveballs — which we know all too well can come when least expected.

This wealth of experience and our extensive track record allows our potential clients to know at a glance that we are a law firm which has been around the block and lived to tell the tale.

As veterans in our field, we employ stringent practices to ensure we never grow complacent in our efforts. We pride ourselves on constantly being on the leading edge of everything related to personal injury law, keeping our minds sharp and up to date with the latest statutes and precedents.

Legal Representation You Can Trust

Trust is an essential component to establish with your lawyer. Because your lawyer must be trusted with sensitive details and important personal information, it is vital that there is never any question of trust between attorney and client.

Part of your trust in a lawyer should come from looking at practical details. How many cases do they have under their belt? How is their win record? How many years have they practiced personal injury law? What is their reputation like?

But another side of trust is all about a human connection. A strong, working rapport that allows you to easily and effectively communicate with your lawyer.

Establishing this type of rapport is essential. It is the path to getting complete access to your lawyer’s keen legal mind. Finding a lawyer you can trust and talk to allows you to ask any questions and further your personal knowledge of the case and of the law. It allows you to dive into greater detail in your discussions of the case. And it lets you rest easy with the peace of mind that you have someone truly capable working on your side.

Protecting Clients In North York Who Have Been Severely Hurt In An Accident

Working in personal injury law means that we are more than just lawyers. We are an instrumental part in the story of recovery for all of our clients.

We take this role quite seriously. We aim to ease the legal burden on all of our clients, allowing them to take their mind off of documents and courtrooms and allow them to focus on their health and recovery.

In our efforts to secure compensation for our clients, we work with the utmost empathy in understanding that many of our clients rely on this compensation in order to rebuild their health and their lives after severe and traumatic accidents.

Our team of legal experts can help ensure that you are being paid the full amount of compensation which you are entitled after an accident. 

We can help with everything from negotiating with insurance agencies to bringing lawsuits against individuals in court. You may be entitled to compensation for a variety of expenses and reasons, including medical expenses, recovering income from lost wages, being compensated for pain and suffering, and having rehabilitation or physical therapy costs reimbursed.

Let us help you gain freedom from your legal woes and secure the financial compensation you need to make a full recovery. It’s what we do!

Representing Victims In Challenging Aspects Of Legal Cases In North York

At Diamond & Diamond, we believe no legal challenge is too large for us to rise to the occasion.

That’s why no matter if your case is downright perplexing in its complexity or cut and dry in its simplicity, our legal team is at your disposal to help you find the best course of action.

Have a case where past personal injury attorneys just couldn’t cut the mustard? We’d love to offer you some of the best legal assistance anywhere in North York, right here at Diamond & Diamond.

Contact The Personal Injury Lawyers At Diamond & Diamond Today!

Ready to breathe easy again? See what it’s like to have some of the most experienced and capable personal injury attorneys at Diamond & Diamond working on your side of the courtroom.

Personal injury cases can be accepted on commission, meaning you never have to pay a dollar out of pocket.

Initial consultation is completely free. 

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North York Personal Injury Lawyer FAQs

1. Is it worth hiring a personal injury lawyer in North York?

Yes. Without the assistance of a capable personal injury lawyer, you may be leaving money on the table. It requires a complete legal appraisal of the situation to determine how much compensation you are owed.

2. How much do personal injury lawyers cost in North York?

Personal injury lawyers often work on commission, meaning that the client pays nothing out of pocket and the lawyer collects payment as a percentage of the settlement or judgement when the case is finished. This commission fee is around 30-40%, on average. The percentage can vary from law firm to law firm and case to case.

3. When to hire a personal injury attorney in North York?

You should consult with a personal injury attorney any time you believe you may have a valid personal injury claim, such as after an automobile accident, a slip and fall, or after suffering a work related injury.

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