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Trusted Owen Sound Personal Injury & Car Accident Lawyers in Your Time of Need

Our dedicated personal injury lawyers are there to assist you with all aspects of filing your legal claim when you've been critically hurt in an accident. The concept of negligence is important for understanding your rights and enabling you to pursue maximum compensation with the support of an attorney. 

Our injury lawyers at Diamond & Diamond know what it takes to file these claims and to help you fight for maximum compensation. If you are unsure of how to proceed, schedule a consultation today with the team of injury lawyers who cares about doing everything possible to protect your best interests. 

Taking your case to court does not have to be overwhelming. If you were hurt when another person was not paying attention or failed to exercise to right duty of care, then you are within your rights to take action under Canada’s personal injury laws. Trying to sort out all the requirements, however, can be difficult without Owen Sound personal injury lawyer to explain what’s required of you. Make sure that you consider all your options in resolving the case by setting aside time to talk to personal injury lawyers in Owen Sound who will make the case on your behalf when recovery is of the utmost importance. 

Assisting with All Aspects of Personal Injury Claims

We know from personal experience just how difficult and overwhelming it can be to pursue compensation after you've been hurt in an accident. It can be difficult to keep all of the details straight, particularly if you sustained severe injuries as a result of the accident. Because of this, we work hard on behalf of our clients and help to keep you informed at every stage of the case. 

Our Owen Sound personal injury lawyers are here to answer your questions and to help advise you about the different options available to you at phases in your case. 

You need Owen Sound personal injury attorneys who care about your future. You have enough to worry about in the wake of an accident and need to remain focused on your critical medical care to give yourself the best possible opportunity for a full recovery. 

Our Owen Sound personal injury lawyers are there for you at every stage of the case and will work hard to ensure that your legal rights are represented in the case from start to finish. 

Experienced and Knowledgeable Representation

In certain situations, your Owen Sound personal injury lawyers may be able to help you resolve the case outside of court. Our personal injury attorneys at Diamond & Diamond take your case seriously from the moment that you contact us and look into every possible opportunity to recover compensation for you, whether or not this involves litigation. We recognize that it might not be in your best interests to proceed with litigation and use the information collected during our initial consultation and through the evidence you have provided to try to resolve things outside of court as well as to prepare for litigation. When you need your best possible chance at recovery, turn to dedicated Owen Sound personal injury lawyers at our law office who will take your concerns and your case seriously. 

A Track Record of Dedication

You deserve to be kept informed about the status of your case and to have someone who cares just as much about the outcome as you do. That's where our experienced attorneys come into play and assist you with your claim regardless of whether it's a motorcycle accident, car accident, truck accident, slip and fall, dog bite, or other type of personal injury claim. We know the law as it relates to personal injury and we pride ourselves on giving our clients a positive experience during one of the most difficult times of their life. We give you an honest assessment of the specifics of your case and can help you understand what is truly in your best interests during this time. You deserve to have attorneys who know how the law operates in relation to personal injury claims. We have earned a reputation across the field because of the commitment and individualized attention that we provide to each one of our clients. 

We know that you are choosing to work with an experienced Owen Sound personal injury lawyer during what might be the most difficult time in your life and therefore, you deserve to have someone who cares just as much about the emotional and physical injuries you have sustained. The outcome of your personal injury case reflects significantly upon you and your family and therefore, should be of the utmost priority for whoever you choose to work with as your personal injury lawyer. 

Caring Commitment

It can be alarming when the other side pushes back alleging that you were partially at fault for the accident or that you have made up the severity of your injuries. Our personal injury lawyers at Diamond & Diamond will fight hard to advocate for your best interests because you know the many ways that this accident will have changed your life. 

We take our role in your case very seriously and will not allow others' interests to be at the forefront of your claim. We instead take a holistic approach to gather all of the necessary evidence to represent your best interests.


"I'm very happy with the legal service that I received from Diamond and Diamond through out the settlement process after my auto accident in 2015. I was kind of no where and looking for help after the accident and contacted Diamond and Diamond. From the fist day I got their full support and I'm really amazed to see their professionalism and knowledge and a fantastic great team that they have. I must thank Mr. Isaac Zisckind, Nastassia Ivanova, Cory Rubin and whole team of the firm who helped though out the process and I wish them every best."
- R.S