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After an accident, your mind can go spinning as you have to decide on your next steps. Personal injury cases can feel daunting as it involves getting a doctor, receiving medical treatment, and filing an insurance claim. Even worse, the liable party who caused your injuries could deny responsibility, or the insurance company can provide you with a settlement amount that is too low to pay for all of your damages.

Diamond & Diamond is your Ontario personal injury lawyer who can help you throughout the claim process. We provide advice regarding the legal process, help you assess your financial damages, including lost wages, medical bills, and future medical treatments, and file insurance claims. Our professional lawyers will also represent you in court during lawsuits and negotiate settlements, so you receive the compensation to handle all your expenses and damages.

Common Personal Injury Cases in Ontario

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs)

A motor vehicle accident can create a complicated claims process. There may be multiple drivers involved in the accident as you have to investigate who the liable parties are. Then you have to deal with your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company.

Additionally, motorcycle accidents may feel like your injury is minor and doesn’t need treatment. However, it can worsen and become a more serious injury or a medical condition with costlier treatment bills. In these situations, you want to file an insurance claim against the right liable parties that covers all your present and future medical expenses.

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Workplace Accidents

Getting injured on the job creates additional hardships for you. Accident victims could be out of work for several days to several months based on the extent of the injury. You also have to deal with the company’s medical doctors claiming the injury isn’t so bad and worker’s compensation laws limiting the amount of compensation you can receive.

With an Ontario personal injury lawyer, we help you navigate the confusing process of receiving compensation for injuries and accidents outside of the WSIB regime. We can tell you of your rights and advise you on what to do next with your case. Then you can get the funding to cover medical bills and other expenses.

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Slip and Fall Accidents

You don’t expect your day to be interrupted with a tumble to the floor. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents can happen at any time of the day or year. You can slip on a spilled drink at a restaurant or a loose step when walking through an office door.

You shouldn’t have to wonder what to do about paying for medical bills or lost wages over an accident that you could not control. When the accident happens on someone else’s property, you should be compensated by the parties who should have warned you about the dangerous situation or fixed the problem. An Ontario personal injury lawyer can help you determine who is at fault for your slip and fall accident and what compensation you can get.

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Catastrophic Accidents

Some accidents are so severe that they lead to incapacitation and impairments. You could be partially or totally paralyzed, experience a traumatic brain injury, or lose your vision. In these circumstances, you need to cover your current medical expenses and future medical care as you will need help performing daily tasks.

Here at Diamond & Diamond, we take on catastrophic accident cases, so you and your family receive the maximum compensation. You can hold the responsible party liable for your injuries and obtain the funding to cover your many financial hardships. Then you can be assured that your family is taken care of now and in the future.

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Medical Malpractice

A medical malpractice liability claim is a type of personal injury that lets victims pursue a health care professional for injuries they caused due to neglect or medical error. 

To file this claim, you need to demonstrate how the healthcare provider’s conduct caused your injuries in a hospital-like setting. Your personal injury lawyer may hire trained experts to review your medical records and evaluate the treatments you received.

Dog Bites

Dog bites can be a serious matter. While a little nip may not break the skin, there are incidents where a dog bit has led to serious medical issues and even death. An animal bite can also lead to emotional trauma, especially in small children.

There are strict laws in place regarding liability when it comes to dog bites. The moment someone is injured by a dog or other animal, immediately call a personal injury lawyer in Ontario. With their legal advice, you can determine the extent of compensation you can get from the accident based on the particular circumstances.

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Types of Compensation in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury victims may seek compensation from whoever caused or contributed to the accident. In legal terms, this compensation is referred to as damages.

There are several types of compensatory damages but they can be categorized into general or special damages. Read on to discover the different kinds of accident benefits available to a plaintiff in a personal injury case.

Special Compensatory Damages

This benefit compensates for expenses incurred because of an injury. Special compensatory damages are unique to the individual victim and vary from one party to the next. Furthermore, there is no limit to the amount a personal injury victim can claim.

General Compensatory Damages

General damages compensate personal injury victims for non-monetary damages. This accident benefit addresses harm that is “generally” sustained in an injury, for instance:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental hurt
  • Loss of consortium, or companionship

Wrongful Death Damages

A wrongful death claim can compensate the surviving family and loved ones of victims. For this claim, the victim’s family can get compensation for:

  • Cost of medical care before death
  • Funeral and burial payments
  • Emotional distress of surviving family
  • Loss of services and support
  • Loss of financial contribution
  • Loss of companionship and consortium

Punitive Damages

Compensation for punitive damages are given to injured victims when the wrongful behavior of the accused was considered despicable or reprehensible. This compensation is awarded if the court finds the defendant guilty of malicious acts or of fraud, including aggravated battery, sexual assault, or fraud that led to widespread financial harm.

Top Ways an Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Any legal case can be stressful and emotional for you, your family members, and your loved ones. You may need the help of experienced personal injury lawyers to help you get justice. Here are the ways your attorneys can help you.

Provides Expert Support

A personal injury lawyer has the resources to give you the legal support you need to win your case. A good legal team will know how to handle personal injury cases like yours and get you the compensation you deserve.

Helps You Recover

With a lawyer, you can focus on your recovery because you do not have to be worried about managing your case by yourself. Your personal injury attorney has helped people in similar situations like you before and they know how to get you the results you need. They can help you navigate the legal system which can be overwhelming if you are on your own.

Investigates the Accident

If you are trying to recover, the last thing you need is to keep reliving the accident as you try to determine your next steps. An expert personal injury lawyer can help make this process easier for you. 

They can visit the scene of the accident and collect the evidence needed to make a stronger case. They can talk to the authorities and insurance companies on your behalf so you can focus on getting better.

Builds Your Case

Your personal injury lawyer can get a copy of the accident report and review all the evidence to create a strong case against the defendant. The attorney will work to secure the compensation you are owed.

Negotiates with the Insurance Company

A personal injury lawyer can handle the challenge of negotiating with the insurance companies involved. They can recognize when an insurer makes a settlement offer that is too low to properly compensate. They can use their expertise to make sure that you achieve adequate compensation or bring your case to trial if necessary.

Prepares for Court

If the insurance company involved in your case cannot make a reasonable offer, your lawyer will be ready to take your case to court. Although the prospect of a court case may seem overwhelming, your lawyer can be there to guide you through the process.

Let an Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer Review Your Case

Many different types of accidents can occur where you may be eligible to receive compensation. Besides the accidents mentioned above, an Ontario personal injury lawyer can also handle disability claims, birth injuries, spinal cord injuries, wrongful deaths, and long term disability cases. If you are unsure about whether you have a case, Diamond and Diamond can help.

In addition to providing advice regarding your legal case, our personal injury law firm can help you through the confusing insurance claim process. We ensure that claims are filed on time, negotiate settlements, and deal with appeals. We work with you at any point in the process so you get the desired results.

When you use a personal injury attorney to represent your accident case, it can give you peace of mind. And with Diamond and Diamond, you will work with a lawyer with several years of experience in various practice areas of personal injury law.

Our firm also demystifies the personal injury claim process so you understand what is going on with your case at every step of the process. In this manner, you can make the right choices and take the appropriate actions to ensure your case goes as smoothly as possible.

Remove the stress and hassle when you are dealing with a personal injury. With a personal injury lawyer, you can concentrate on recovering from your accident and taking care of your family as we will handle all the details of your case. Then you can use the compensation to pay for bills and take care of your lost wages.

Have you been involved in an accident in Ontario? Contact Diamond & Diamond law firm for a free consultation today at 1-800-567-4878. We are your personal injury lawyers who will go over your case and offer legal services and representation. We work on contingency, which means you don’t pay unless we settle your personal injury case.

Our services are available in several Canadian cities, including Hamilton, Barrie, Brampton, and Burlington.

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Car Accident

An elderly woman was struck exiting her vehicle resulting in serious leg injuries. Our team was able to obtain a settlement for $1.6 million from the insurance companies.


$1.25 Million

Head on Collision

Our client was involved in a head on collision that broke both of her legs. Our car accident lawyers obtained a $1.25 million settlement from the insurance company.


$1.3 Million

Neck Fracture

A 21-year-old male was injured as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident. As a result he received a fractured neck. Our accident lawyers were able to settle the case prior to trial for $1.3 million.


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