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Injury Lawyer: Personal injury settlement in Ontario

When you have suffered an injury, the last thing you need is more hassle. You just want to get treated then sent home to heal. Understandably, you don’t want to speak to assessors and fill out a lot of forms to get your compensation claim started.

But that is what must be done, and as soon as possible after the accident. We are here to help. When you hire a Diamond & Diamond Law personal injury claim lawyer we will look after you and take on much of the burden on your behalf.

One of our injury claim experts will have an initial chat with you to get all of the details that we need to successfully handle your claim. But, after that, apart from the odd question, we will be able to leave you to recover in peace while we handle your claim.

What Is a Personal Injury Settlement?

    A personal injury settlement is an agreement that both parties enter into voluntarily. It saves the injured person and the party that is responsible for those injuries from having to go through a court case.

    These settlements are a fast way for the injured party to get paid their compensation. Diamond & Diamond Law has years of experience in negotiating these kinds of personal injury settlement deals.


    What Benefits Can One Expect from a Car Accident Settlement


    At Diamond & Diamond Law, we believe in cutting through the jargon and speaking plainly. This makes it easier for our clients to understand the process of claiming compensation. You can find out more about what kind of settlement you can expect from a car accident injury claim, just click here.

    A Look at How Personal Injury Settlements Are Determined

    Out of court settlements benefit both parties. The person who has been injured tends to get paid faster than they would if they had to go through a full trial. An experience that most people find stressful. Nobody enjoys wasting time and money travelling to court.

    The other party is also anxious to avoid all that hassle. They know that if they end up in court, they run the risk of losing and having to pay more legal fees on top of the compensation. Usually, it makes financial sense for them to settle out of court. You can find out more about how personal injury settlements are agreed by clicking the link.


    The injured person accepts the settlement in return for giving up the right to take the lawsuit any further.


    Should I hire a lawyer for injury settlements?

    You really should hire a lawyer to negotiate your injury settlement. They understand how the process works and are familiar with the tricks the other party may try to use to get out of paying you the right level of compensation. Typically, an experienced lawyer will negotiate a better deal than you can.


    Why should I settle my claim? Shouldn’t I file a personal injury lawsuit?

    It is wise to try to settle your claim rather than automatically file a personal injury lawsuit. Doing so is less stressful and faster. Yet, provided you hire an experienced injury lawyer, the payout will be just as good as if you had gone to court.

    How does the insurance decide to offer a settlement?

    The insurance decides to offer a settlement by studying the facts of each case. Provided they find the evidence compelling, they will want to settle out of court. Most insurance companies use a team of in-house experts or consultants to examine the evidence.

    How long does it take to receive an offer of compensation?

    How long it takes to receive an offer of compensation varies. But typically, you will get an initial response in under a month. Diamond & Diamond Law has plenty of experience, so we know how to craft a file that is likely to prompt the other party to respond quickly.

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