Public Transportation Accident Lawyer

Public Transportation Accident Lawyer

With over 6 million people, Toronto has become one of the busiest streets in the world. With people driving and walking here and there, many have opted for the easy way to get around the Greater Toronto area by taking the TTC or the Toronto Transit Commission. 

Even people who have private cars sometimes opt for public transportation because of the convenience it offers.

This is especially true during the rush hour in the morning and afternoon. Getting stuck in Toronto traffic, plus the hassle of looking for a parking slot, is not a very fun ride.     

However, taking public transport may have some risks, attributed to the safety of its passengers. Passengers take public transportation in exchange for convenience. 

But, could passengers guarantee their safety? After all, mundane as it may sound, taking public transport means trusting someone else with your life.

Each year, accidents on the streets involving public commuters have become common. 

Some accidents have been fatal and have led to lives lost.

If you take public transport every day, you are unfortunately at risk of road accidents. Reach out to a public transit accident lawyer now so that in the event of an emergency, you’ll know what to do and not be left clueless or scrambling for information.

Public Transportation Accidents

Public Transportation Accidents

Accident or collision with a TTC vehicle

Because everyone seems to be in a hurry all the time, road accidents and collisions have become inevitably familiar. 

Accidents are not only restricted to buses but are also prevalent with streetcars.

Different kinds of streetcar accidents happen regularly and are commonly caused by reckless driving, losing control, driving hurriedly, etc. 

Public transit accidents should be treated like any other motor vehicle accident

If you are hurt or suffer from a personal injury due to the accident, a public transportation accident lawyer should let you know your right, including what is owed of you, such as:

  • Statutory accident benefits
  • Attendant care benefits
  • Medical expenses
  • Long term care expenses
  • Income-replacement

Injury due to negligent driving by TTC driver

Careless and inconsiderate driving is dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers. Motorist accidents have been reported to be fatal, involving children and the elderly who have slim chances of surviving a deadly crash.

It has been found that TTC motorists and riders receive little to no compensation after an accident, not even for medical expenses that were caused by the accident. 

According to the  Better Tomorrow for Ontario Act (Budget Measures), 2011: “No statutory accident benefits are payable in respect of an occupant of a public transit vehicle if the public transit vehicle did not collide with another automobile or any other object in the incident.”

Because riders involved in the accident are not eligible for any monetary award or compensation, most of them are forced to cover their medical expenses on their own or file for a tort claim.

Injury on the TTC due to the actions of another rider/passenger

In the unfortunate event that you get into an accident due to the negligent conduct of another TTC driver/user, the Better Tomorrow ActIf inhibits all benefits and compensation from TTC.  

Again, your next course of action will be to cover your medical expenses using your medical insurance policy and or/pursuing a claim of tort against the other party. 

However, if the accident investigation shows that there was a problem with the foundation, materials, and inadequacy in the infrastructure, you could possibly have a claim against the TTC.

Consult a public transit accident lawyer for this. 

Statute of Limitations for Public Transportation Accidents

In Canada, the limitation period for accidents lasts up to two years from when the accident happened. If the victim/s fails to submit evidence regarding their request for a claim, there is a big chance that the claim may be invalidated and denied. 

The Municipal Act, 2001 and Stronger City of Toronto for a Stronger Ontario Act, 2006 says that claims for recovery damages should have a written notice submitted within ten days upon the date of the incident. 

If you are affected or directly involved in a TTC-related accident, act quickly and reach out to a community accident lawyer.

Victims of public transportation accidents can experience life-altering changes. We understand the struggle, so we make sure we can help you the best that we can. Contact public transportation accident lawyers from Diamond & Diamond.

Successful Personal Injury Claim for Public Transportation Accidents

Successful Personal Injury Claim for Public Transportation Accidents

Chances are, when you’ve been hurt, and you know that someone is at fault, you feel the dire need to file a case for a claim. To be successful at this, collect all evidence and proof right away.

As soon as possible, record the incident by writing it down or recording it using your phone’s voice recording app.  

Gathering evidence to prove someone else is at fault is honestly not an easy task to do and requires the help of a professional.

It can be a strenuous process if you try and do it alone because that may mean being pulled in too many different directions, blindly searching for what needs to be done.

A public transit accident lawyer could lead you in the right direction and make sure that your claim is successful.

These are some of the things that are most important to keep and keep track of when intending to file a claim:

  • Photos
  • Medical records
  • Police reports
  • Receipts or invoices
  • Witness statements

Public Transportation Accident Lawyer

Diamond & Diamond Law can and will help you with your claims that are related to TTC accidents. Our public transportation accident lawyers have extensive knowledge of these types of accidents.

Public transit accident lawyers are not only limited to accidents involving the TTC but could also expertly handle cases relating to privately -owned vehicles, airlines, cab companies, etc.

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Proving negligence requires expertise and resources from an experienced public transportation accident lawyer.

Public Transportation Accident Lawyer FAQs

Are public transportation accident cases different from motor and car vehicle accident cases?

Public transportation accident cases are treated the same way as any motor vehicle accident on the road. However, liability can be complex when the at-fault party is the public transit company.

I am the driver of a vehicle involved in a public transportation collision; who can I sue?

In cases of accidents involving a private vehicle and a public transport vehicle, the owner/company that operates the public transport vehicle usually takes responsibility for any claim/lawsuit.

Can I sue the city for injuries sustained in a public transportation accident?

If the city’s negligence caused an accident, such as on-going and no warning road jobs, you might have a claim against the government.

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