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Is Public Transit in Toronto Safe During COVID?

Many people rely on public transit in Toronto in order to get to their destinations and to accomplish a variety of different goals. Unfortunately, as with many things around Canada and the world, the opportunity to use public transit has been impacted by Covid-19. For this reason many passengers are asking whether or not it is safe to travel on public transit in the midst of Covid-19 conditions. Toronto public transit amid Covid-19 has remained somewhat active but Toronto public transit health safety is a top concern for those using the services. Busy cities all over the world have had to adapt to a new normal this year mainly due to the threat posed by the coronavirus.

One of the hardest hit sectors is the public transit sector which has seen significant drops in usage because of Covid-19. As cities begin to recover economically from the pandemic, they’ll need to convince the cities that it is safe to start using public transit systems in order to revitalize the slowing economy. Canada’s biggest city Toronto is no exception to this.

Covid-19’s Impact on Toronto’s Public Transit Usage

Much like many other cities around Canada and the world, Toronto ridership has decreased to very low levels ever since Ontario declared a health emergency back in March. Some of the most impacted areas include the TTC or the Toronto Transit Commission and their subway trains, streetcars and bus systems.

Many customers are now starting to look into traveling on public transit because it is hard for them to accomplish what they need to do on a daily basis. From getting groceries to going to appointments, sometimes it is not possible to stay inside the house and do everything virtually. For that reason, you should know that you can use some public transit services, but you must be prepared to wear a face covering or a mask to help reduce your own risk of contracting the virus as well as the safety of other passengers.

Safety Concerns for Public Transit Users

Some of the concerns from legislators and riders alike include the possibility of contracting coronavirus from fellow passengers, the possibility of contracting the virus through services inside public transit systems and worries about another wave of infections associated with the reopening of TTC systems.

What Experts Say About the Risks

Many people are beginning to educate themselves about the short term and long term impacts of Covid-19. There is little evidence showing that public transit can contribute to outbreaks so long as safety protocols are in place and maintained. Ridership on TTC has increased in recent weeks but there has been no spike in new cases even as more and more people resume riding public transit systems.

What Toronto is Doing to Minimize Risks?

There are three different prongs to the approach of minimizing risks for residents of Toronto. The first is educating consumers which refers to an aggressive information drive to educate commuters about rider safety and an awareness campaign about best personal hygiene practices.

The second phase of this is implementing strict requirements for riders including the mandatory wearing of face masks, proper spacing and physical distancing inside public transit systems and temperature checks. When it comes to sanitization and cleaning, this includes the disinfecting of vehicles, sanitation of handrails and providing hand sanitizers in all stations.

Public transit risks can be minimized with proper guidelines and compliance on the part of commuters. For guidance, feel free to contact Diamond & Diamond. 

How to Contact Diamond & Diamond

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You can’t completely avoid touching surfaces when using public transit systems, but you can minimize risk by bringing a hand sanitizer with you.

FAQs on Is Public Transit in Toronto Safe During Covid-19

Are there any exceptions to the rule of wearing a mask while on the TTC?

Many people throughout the country are wearing masks as part of their regular activities to decrease their chances of Covid-19 exposure. Customers who do not have a mask or a face covering aren’t permitted to board TTC vehicles, however, those customers that have a medical reason for being unable to wear a mask can obtain a mask exemption card or button.

Can I wear a face shield instead of a face mask while using the TTC?

As is mentioned above, it is important to have a face covering while traveling on the TTC. Most typical face shields will be sufficient enough to allow you to board these transit vehicles.

How far should I physically distance from fellow riders?

It is always a good idea to physically distance yourself as much as possible from fellow riders to decrease your chances of being exposed to Covid-19. A minimum of 6 feet is the recommended amount to move yourself away from other passengers so that you can decrease your risk of contracting the virus. 

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