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Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) Ontario

Have you recently been hurt in an accident and you are confused about your next steps and the best way to protect yourself? You need the support of a lawyer who understands the SABS Ontario process.

What Are Ontario Statutory Accident Benefits?

Statutory accident benefits can have a significant impact on your ability to recover after an accident, but following SABS changes in 2016 or whether you have questions about the statutory accident benefits schedule 2017, you will want to retain a dedicated attorney like those at Diamond & Diamond.

An Award Winning Legal Team in Ontario

Diamond & Diamond personal injury lawyers have a track record of representing the best interests of their clients and fighting hard on behalf of those who have been seriously injured. When you have questions about the Insurance Act Ontario, FSCO forms, the Automobile Insurance Act Ontario or Catastrophic Impairment SABS benefits; you will want to schedule a consultation with dedicated Ontario personal injury lawyers.

Coverage for Injuries Post-Accident

The statutory accident benefits coverage associated with income replacement benefits SABS provides can enable you to more effectively recover from critical and life changing injuries. It is imperative that you retain an attorney who understands this landscape and one who'll help explain to you every stage of the process so that you are not confused or concerned about your next steps.

Other Benefits Available for Injury Victims

Income replacement benefits can enable you to recover more effectively, but you are likely to have questions about Ontario schedule 11 or the FSCO licensing link and having an attorney who has helped many other individuals in similar situations can greatly increase your chances of recovering a compensation you need.

There are long lasting and devastating social, financial, psychological and emotional consequences associated with an injured person and their family after an accident. This is true whether the incident is a motorcycle accident, car accident, pedestrian accident or bicycle accident. It is imperative that you retain experienced representation by a knowledgeable Ontario personal injury lawyer like those working at Diamond & Diamond in order to help you recover.

An Injury Team Dedicated to Victim Recovery

Many people have questions about getting statutory accident benefits versus filing a tort claim. If you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident, you are entitled to apply for statutory accident benefits, no matter who is at fault. You may also be eligible to claim additional tort damages from the person at fault for the accident.

A tort claim is an official legal claim, in which you allege monetary damages in terms of compensation against the person responsible for the injuries in the accident. In order to recover compensation from a negligent person who caused you to suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident, you must meet a legal test and your SABS Ontario lawyer will explain this to you. 

You must be able to illustrate that you sustained permanent and serious impairments of a mental, physical or psychological function or show that you have sustained permanent and serious disfigurement. Furthermore, your injures must exceed the prescribed deductible in the statutes, which is approximately $37,000. 

Your SABS Ontario lawyer can help you recover compensation for lost income, expert expenses, medical expenses, and pain and suffering as long as it was tied to the incident in question.

No fault insurance means that if your car is damaged in an accident or if you are injured, then you must deal with your own insurance company for coverage and indemnification, no matter who is at fault.

How Ontario SABS Benefits Work

SABS benefits operate for those people who are injured in Ontario by operating a motor vehicle or using a motor vehicle. These are governed by the statutory accident benefits schedule, which is a clear regulation under the Insurance Act of Ontario.

These are the no fault component of the insurance act as it relates to motor vehicle accidents. These are benefits which give compensation for expenses that were required to treat you and to provide care for you and your lost income while recovering from an accident.

Your own insurance company is responsible for providing you with all of these benefits, including non-earner benefits, housekeeping benefits, disability benefits, income replacement, medical benefits, home maintenance benefits, rehabilitation benefits and attendant care benefits.

The accident benefits in Ontario are established by the provincial government through regulations under the Insurance Act of Ontario. You may also be eligible to purchase additional optional accident benefits, which could help you in the event of an incident. Every person who is injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario is eligible to recover accident benefits.

No fault benefits are claimed directly from your own motor vehicle insurance company but retaining the experienced Ontario personal injury lawyers can help you to recover full and fair compensation. Income replacement benefits may be vital for you to recover from such an accident and move on with your life after such a serious incident. If you are not insured, you are eligible to claim accident benefits from the motor vehicle insurance carrier of the person involved in the motor vehicle accident.

If there is no available insurance following the crash, you may be eligible to advance a claim for accident benefits to the government's motor vehicle accident claims fund, which gives accident benefit protection for uninsured situations.

The accident benefits typically associated with SABS Ontario include weekly benefits such as 70% of your net weekly income, up to $400 per week for caregivers and housekeeping and home maintenance benefits, and non-earner benefits.

These all have various time limits that apply, and you will need to schedule a consultation with an Ontario personal injury lawyer to protect you.


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