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The Dangers of a Messy Car & Rowdy Passengers

When you think about car accidents, you may think about an accident caused by drunk, speeding, distracted, or drowsy drivers. However, there are many reasons why a car accident occurs. In addition to driver error, mechanical failures, defective auto parts, and improperly designed roads can be factors in a car accident. Two common factors in a car accident that people do not think much about are messy cars and rowdy passengers.

Spring Cleaning for Your Vehicle

When we think of spring cleaning, we think of cleaning our homes, but spring is also a perfect time to clean up that messy car. It is not unusual for someone to “live out of their car” because they spend a great deal of time driving for work, family, or pleasure. However, having clutter in your vehicle can be more than unsightly, it can be dangerous.

In an accident, loose objects can fly around the vehicle striking you and the occupants of your vehicle. While a small object may seem harmless, it can become a deadly weapon when the force of gravity hurls it through the air at you. Additionally, loose objects can pose a hazard if they roll onto the floor. A small object can become lodged under the pedals causing you to accelerate rapidly or prevent you from applying the brakes. Furthermore, if you bend over to retrieve a loose object, you could cause a distracted driving accident.

You can avoid problems with loose objects by securing them in the trunk or rear of the vehicle. Purchasing an organizer to keep items stored securely is a good idea, especially for parents of young children, sports enthusiasts, or frequent travelers.

Rowdy Passengers Can Be Dangerous

study by the UNC Highway Safety Research Center found that loud passengers and horseplay is a major cause of accidents among teen drivers. The research revealed that having multiple passengers in the car often led to more serious accidents. However, teen drivers are not the only drivers guilty of allowing passengers to cause car accidents. An Australian study found that “drivers with passengers were almost 60 percent more likely to have a motor vehicle crash resulting in hospital attendance, irrespective of their age group.”

Adult drivers can become just as distracted by their passengers as teen drivers, especially parents. From correcting their children and having conversations with them to trying to hand children pacifiers, bottles, or other items, parents can easily allow their focus to shift from driving to their children. Unfortunately, an innocent action can turn dangerous and deadly.

Sadly, some drivers are not to blame for the actions of their rowdy passengers. Some passengers try to jump out of a moving vehicle, suddenly grab the steering wheel, or spill something on the driver. A rowdy passenger can easily cause a car accident in many ways. An especially dangerous passenger is a passenger who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs because that person is unpredictable.

If you have passengers in your vehicle, remember to remain focused on the task of driving. Your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of all others on the road depend on you remaining focused and alert.

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