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Wearable Tech And Concussions


Several news stories have highlighted new wearable tech that is being used to learn more about concussions sustained by athletes. Much of this new technology is aimed at learning more about how impacts during contact-heavy sports damage the brain and the human body. American football is one sport in particular that has been singled out because of the number of retired NFL players who suffer from brain damage.

New research suggests that traumatic brain damage can increase a player’s risk of developing serious neurological and psychiatric disorders. Researchers at UCLA have identified master genes that can cause changes in other genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, autism, Parkinson’s disease, and other disorders. When a head trauma damages the master genes, it increases the chance that the master genes will cause damage to other genes leading to the development of these debilitating diseases.

Professional and non-professional athletes wear gear designed to protect them from head trauma during games. However, this protective gear can only provide so much protection. It cannot eliminate all trauma to the head or body. Therefore, researchers and designers have developed new wearable technology that helps detect head trauma so the player can seek treatment as soon as possible. Furthermore, the wearable tech is providing important information that can be used to develop new treatments for head trauma and may lead to new protective gear to prevent head injuries.

How Does Wearable Tech Work?

There are several different types of wearable tech on the market. The xPatch is a sensor worn behind the right ear to measure impacts while other sensors have been built into helmets, mouth guards, caps, and headbands. Riddell, Reebok, and Canton have developed wearable technologies that can quantify hits and head trauma.

For example, Riddell’s InSite Impact Response System sends data about an impact to sideline personnel. i1 Biometrics also has tech that collects cranial impact data in real time using sensors inside helmets or mouth guards. While it does not diagnose a concussion, it does send data to trainers and physicians on the sideline to let them know if a player is receiving severe hits to the head.

Unfortunately, players, teams, and leagues are not using the wearable tech as they should for several reasons. One reason could be that players do not want to be taken out of a game because they receive a head injury. Another reason could deal with the cost of outfitting an entire team with wearable tech. Lastly, lack of knowledge about the new technology could be preventing teams from taking advantage of this potentially life-saving tech.

Whatever the reason, it is important for players, parents, physicians, trainers, coaches, and any other parties associated with contact sports to understand the dangers of head trauma. A concussion can be difficult to diagnose, but concussions can lead to permanent, life-altering disorders and diseases. In addition to learning about wearable tech, players should use all available protective gear to reduce the risk of suffering a concussion or other head injury while playing contact sports.

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