• Wednesday, 30 October 2013
Halloween Safety
Sun Media It’s Halloween this week. My son will be going as Lightning McQueen for the third year in a row (Disney owes me shares in their company). So we should talk about Halloween safety. Now I am going to admit to a practice I think is probably wrong but it is one I employ…
  • Sunday, 20 October 2013
Sandra Zisckind on Catastrophic Injuries
People often ask us what is a “catastrophic injury” for the purposes of a motor vehicle accident? Catastrophic is a legal definition under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule. Generally, if you are catastrophic you are a quadriplegic, paraplegic or severely brain injured. But there is one other category that people are not usually aware of, that…
  • Sunday, 13 October 2013
Good and Bad In All Systems
Sun Media Clients often tell me, “Oh if I got injured in the U.S., my recovery would be better.” That is not the case. As someone who studied in U.S. and got her law degree there, I can tell you that while our U.S. counterparts have some good points to their regime, they also have…
  • Sunday, 06 October 2013
Road Rage
Sandra Zisckind After the video with motorcyclists and Range Rover (extremely disturbing) I read that road rage is on the rise. I too have once or twice (maybe more) aggressively honked someone. I found myself cursing as another driver edged forward to refuse to let me in. Not my finest moment. Some interesting stats according to Canada’s Journal of Public…
  • Friday, 27 September 2013
Sudbury – A Big Town With A Small Town Feel
I just returned from our Sudbury office. I am always happy to go there because while it is a big town you get that small town feel. People are extremely welcoming and friendly. Which is great but can often create a problem from a personal injury perspective. Far be it from me to criticize, but…
  • Monday, 23 September 2013
Drunk Driving
Sun Media No one is more excited than my husband that the Leafs are in the playoffs, well maybe all of the GTA and surrounding areas. I hear him make plans to attend playoff parties and celebrate are good fortune with his friends. Inevitably at these parties there is some alcohol. In our house there…
  • Sunday, 22 September 2013
Multitasking Marathon
Sun Media As most women I find myself doing 20 things at once. I feel like I am running a marathon and then pass out at the end of the night. I have heard this from many women, including a cousin of mine who noticed how distracted she was by going over all her tasks…
  • Sunday, 22 September 2013
Sandra Zisckind Bullying is a subject near and dear to my heart. I do take some extreme bullying cases and sue school boards for their failure to intervene. That being said that is not the first course of action that I recommend. Parents often call me irate wanting to exact revenge and punish those involved.…
  • Saturday, 31 August 2013
First Annual Safety Day
My incredible Aunt Terry who follows my column religiously pointed out an obvious flaw in my last column. I ranted and raved about our upcoming Safety Day yet negligently forgot the date. More than a minor mistake but that’s okay, I’ll make it up today. We are hosting our first annual safety day SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 7,…
  • Sunday, 18 August 2013
Everyday Heroes
We often overlook our everyday heroes in our community that help us thanklessly. So as the weather is getting colder we are painfully reminded that fall is around the corner. With that we have to do our back to school shopping. Having a son starting JK I have bought I have just finished mine. So…

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