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Car Accident Lawyer in Scarborough

There are over 140,000 car accidents in Canada every year. Car accidents in Scarborough and North York is the highest among these cases. This shows how dangerous driving is even among friendlier and more respectful people. This also explains why road safety precautions and the dangers of driving shouldn’t be ignored. 

Physical forces, vehicle weight, and speed can lead to different kinds of collisions. On top of that, some types of negligence also happen more frequently than others. 

More often than not, it’s hard to determine who is the party at fault in a car accident. Most of the time, both parties suffer from an injury. As such, each can allege that the other is negligent. In that case, either party can file a civil case for damages against the other. The premise of such a complaint is a tort whose purpose and claim for damages is to restore the victim to the situation they were in before the accident. 

While a car accident generally calls for the institution of a civil case, it could also lead to criminal charges if the person was driving while impaired, wherein your blood alcohol concentration is 80 milligrams of alcohol or more for every 100 millilitres of blood. The measurements are different if the cause of impairment is cannabis or a combination of cannabis and alcohol

If you find yourself in a case involving a car accident, you need a seasoned legal representative regardless of whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant. The aggrieved party needs to build their case, while the alleged party at-fault needs to defend themselves. These can be done efficiently with the help of a car accident lawyer in Scarborough.

What is a Car Accident Lawyer? 

A car accident lawyer is an expert in torts and damages, civil law, and criminal law. They’re also experts in litigating civil and criminal cases arising from vehicle collisions. Since representing clients involved in car accidents is their expertise, it’s easier for them to build your case and look for pieces of evidence to support your claims. 

You’ll need the services of a car accident lawyer if you find yourself a party in a car accident case. If you’re the complainant, your car accident lawyer can help build your case by listening to your narrative and collecting evidence to support it. If you’re the alleged party at-fault, your personal injury lawyer can find defences to mitigate or quash your guilt. 

You can represent yourself in a civil or criminal case because you know the facts of the case. However, if you want to vindicate or uphold your rights to yield a favourable decision, you need the help of a car accident lawyer


What a Car Accident Scarborough Lawyer Can Do for Your Case

Regardless of whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant, you need the help of a car accident lawyer.  If you’re the plaintiff, your lawyer will interview you and collect all the necessary information to build your case. They will also collaborate with you to find pieces of evidence that could support and bolster your claims.
If you’re willing to settle, they can negotiate favourable terms on your behalf. And if you want to fight it out in court, they’ll be your legal representative, summoning witnesses to prove the existence of an injury that could justify the recovery of damages. 

If you’re the defendant,  the lawyer will draft an answer to all the allegations in the complaint. This means that the lawyer will listen to your narrative and find points to use as a defence. Their answer, including evidence to support your position, would counter all the plaintiff’s allegations. 

Your Scarborough lawyer will guarantee that you will get a chance to meet your accuser and have a day in court.

Finding the Right Lawyer in Scarborough

The success or failure of your case depends on the lawyer you’ll find. So, you have to be picky when choosing your lawyer. You can ask for referrals from family, friends, and acquaintances. Aside from that, you can also get in touch with the lawyers’ association in your area to get recommendations. Here are some of the qualities of a car accident lawyer that you should look for. 

  • Proven track record

You need a lawyer with a stellar record in fighting and winning car accident cases. If they’ve helped other clients win, there’s also a high chance you’ll get a favourable decision. Their track record also means that they have the skills, expertise, and experience fighting cases like yours, so it would be easier for them to argue your case. 

  • Comfortable working with 

When you get caught in a legal battle, you will be spending most of your time working with your lawyer. They will be your ally and confidante. Since they’ll represent you, you’ll have to let them know everything about the case. It’s best if you can easily communicate and comfortably work with them. 

  • Experienced in litigation 

A lawyer may be great in formulating arguments in affidavits, answers, and replies but not impressive or skilled in actual litigation. You need a lawyer who is good at both. Your case could progress into a lawsuit that requires a full-blown hearing, so you need someone who can fight it all out in the courtroom. 

If you need the services of a car accident lawyer, call Diamond Law now for a free case evaluation

Types of Car Accidents in Scarborough

Distracted driving 

Reading, eating, playing, daydreaming, answering a call, or texting while driving can make the driver lose focus. And if their eyes are not on the road, accidents could quickly happen. 


Rain, snow, or ice could make the road slippery. If one is not cautious, these conditions could easily cause an accident. 

Aggressive driving 

Weaving from one lane to another, ignoring traffic rules, improper passing, speeding, and tailgating are examples of aggressive driving behaviour, and these could lead to fatal road accidents.  

Have you or a loved one been involved in a car accident? You may need an expert car accident lawyer in Scarborough. Call Diamond & Diamond Lawyers now.

Pro Tip

The physical, emotional, and financial impacts of being a victim of a car accident are difficult to handle. It is good to have an expert car accident lawyer that can help you fight for your right and get the proper compensation

– Jeremy Diamonds

Have You Recently Been Injured in an Accident? Scarborough Lawyers Are Here to Help

If you’re a party to a car accident, the best thing to do is to hire a car accident lawyer. You need a seasoned lawyer who can fight your cause at the negotiating table or in court. In that case, the best people for the job are the lawyers at Diamond and Diamond Lawyers Firm.  

Their team of lawyers has decades of collective experience in civil, criminal, and all other branches of law. They have also helped numerous clients in the past, so you can trust that they’re credible to represent you. Their long list of clients also speaks volumes of their capacity to navigate with ease any legal battle. 

Get in touch with Diamond and Diamond Law today and get a free consultation.

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