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Unsafe Roadways: Who Can An Injured Party Sue

#AskCoreySax When someone is at fault in causing an accident, an injured party has the right to make a claim for compensation. Things are not so simple when the party responsible for causing your injuries is a city or other municipality. The law gives you up to two years to file a lawsuit for personal […]

New Ontario Laws In Effect To Keep People Safe

#AskStephanieSlavens The start of a new year traditionally comes with a slew of new laws, and this year is no exception. Some of the new laws target road safety by increasing penalties or expanding prohibited driver conduct. One law addresses harassment in the workplace by imposing a requirement on certain employers to create rules and […]

Opioid Addiction: Balancing Patient Care And Rx Risks

#AskIsaacZisckind Government regulators and the media have focused attention in recent years on the widespread prescribing of opioid medications for patients experiencing pain due to injuries. One study reported 2,861 deaths in 2016 attributed to the use of opioids in Canada and a sharp rise in people seeking care in hospital emergency departments for opioid-related […]

Compensating Victims When Accidents Cause Catastrophic Injuries

#AskSandraZisckind Most roadway accidents in Ontario do not result in serious injuries or fatalities to the drivers or occupants of the vehicles involved in them, but not everyone is fortunate to walk away uninjured or with only minor injuries. Some injuries are so severe that victims never fully recover. Loss of limbs, paralysis and brain […]

Effect of Ontario Limitations Act On Claims By Injured Children

#AskJeremyDiamond The right to make a claim for compensation against someone whose negligence or careless disregard for your safety caused you to be injured has a time limit. Your right to compensation could be lost by failing to sue the other party within the limitation period specified in the Ontario Limitations Act. Everyone, including parents, […]

Compensating Victims Suffering Psychological and Emotional Injuries

#AskPaulMariani Personality changes, insomnia and vivid nightmares are only a few of the symptoms someone could exhibit after witnessing or being involved in a traumatic event. Someone witnessing a family member being struck and killed by a speeding vehicle or the occupant of a building who suffers severe burns in a fire caused by negligent […]

Steps to Take When You Suffer A Serious Injury

#AskPatrycjaMajchrowicz You could be driving in your car, shopping at a local retail store or working at your place of employment and be injured in an accident. What you say and do in the minutes and hours following an accident may affect your ability to collect compensation for your injuries. Here are the steps you […]

Marijuana Legalization And Traffic Accidents

#AskNastassiaIvanova The relationship between the use of drugs and motor vehicle collisions is something researchers realized long before marijuana use was legalized in Canada. Accident investigations revealed that 40 percent of fatal collisions involved at least one driver who tested positive for drugs. Surveys show that 43 percent of individuals who admit to using marijuana […]

Safe Driving On Winter Roads

#AskGeorgeLaloshi Snow, ice and cold are synonymous with winter in Ontario. Road conditions during winter months present a challenge for even the best drivers with car accidents increasing by as much as 5 percent. Canadian winters come early and stay around for a while, but you can become a better and safer driver during wintry weather […]

How Does The Thin Skull Rule Apply To Personal Injury Claims

#AskTaniaFleming Whether slipping on an icy sidewalk or being hit by a car as you cross the street, you don’t get to choose when or where accidents occur. A similar principle applies to the negligent property owner who did not remove the ice from the sidewalk or to the distracted driver who failed to look […]


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