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Tips to Remain Safe While Bicycling This Summer


Between the years of 1994 and 2012, a there were a total of 1,408 deaths due to bicycle accidents. This equates to about 74 deaths per year, which is a trend that is still true today. Approximately 57 percent of these deaths involved people under the age of 20.

With such shocking statistics in mind, it is clear that individuals who regularly ride a bike for leisure or as a mode of transportation need to keep some safety tips in mind. In fact, by utilizing the safety tips here, bicycle riders can remain safe and avoid facing serious injuries.

Always Wear a Helmet

A bicycle helmet is an invaluable item that should be worn each time a person rides their bike. A quality helmet offers superior protection in case an individual falls or if they are involved in a crash or accident while riding a bike. In fact, wearing a bicycle helmet can help to save a person’s life.

Keep in mind, it is necessary to find a helmet that is federally approved. Riders who don’t wear helmets are up to 14 times more likely to be involved in an accident that causes a fatal injury than those who wear proper head protection.

Wear Reflective Clothing and Use Reflectors at Night

While it is a good idea to wear brightly coloured clothing any time a person is on a bike, this is especially important at night. Reflective clothing and reflectors on the bicycle will ensure that people in motor vehicles on the road can see the bike rider clearly. This will help prevent the possibility of an accident.

Stay on Bike Paths or Walkways

In many areas, there are clearly marked bike paths and in other areas, bike riders should remain on walkways. Keep in mind, if walkways are used, pedestrians will have the right of way, and bike riders need to yield to those on foot.

When using the bike lane, it is best to ride down the middle, rather than hugging the side of the road. This will help ensure the bike rider is easily seen by drivers. When crossing intersections, it is a good idea for bike riders to get off the bike and cross by foot.

Stay a Safe Distance From Parked Vehicles

The percentage of bike riders hit by the door of vehicles that are parked is pretty high. This type of injury can be extremely serious. It can occur when someone on a bike rides too close to a parked vehicle, and if the driver or passenger doesn’t look prior to opening the door. Avoiding this type of accident is pretty easy, though – just avoid riding too close to parked vehicles. Leave a few feet of space to avoid these types of injuries.

Don’t Listen to Music While Riding

It is never a good idea to wear headphones or listen to loud music. This can take the rider’s focus off of their surroundings, increasing the likelihood of an accident. It is necessary for cyclists to keep all their attention on the traffic and what is going on around them to avoid being involved in an accident.

Bicycle accidents are mostly preventable. It takes the combined effort of bicyclists and drivers to ensure these accidents don’t occur. Seeking legal help when this situation occurs, is the best way to recoup compensation.

Finding an Experienced Lawyer when a Bicycle Accident Happens

The team of lawyers at Diamond and Diamond have a long history providing representation for individuals injured in bicycle accidents. To receive help, call the injury hotline at 1-800-567-HURT, 24 hours a day for help, or visit the law firm’s website to speak to someone right away. With a team of lawyers dedicated to helping clients throughout Ontario, clients can feel confident they will receive the highest quality representation possible.

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