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  • Thursday, 06 February 2020

What To Do If You Are Injured in A Restaurant?

If you have been seriously hurt in a restaurant, it is imperative to get help for your injuries as soon as possible. While it is more often than not a pleasurable experience to eat inside a restaurant, you cannot account for the situations in which you become seriously injured while attempting to enter or enjoy your meal.

 A consultation with an experienced injury lawyer should be one of the top things on your list when you find yourself injured in a restaurant, but what other steps you should take immediately after being hurt?

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you’re not yet sure whether you were seriously hurt, you need to be evaluated by a professional. Get screened for common injuries so you know what to do next and how best to protect yourself. 

A doctor can help you confirm whether or not you’ve broken any bones and any other ways that a slip and fall or other restaurant incident impacted you. 

Speak to the Manager or Owner 

You need to notify the owner of the property that an accident has happened. 

It is essential to understand what is required and expected of a restaurant owner when it comes to liability. There are several things that a restaurant owner must provide for his or her customers and if this person is found negligent in any of these duties, he or she could be held liable for damages.

First of all, the restaurant owner has to provide a safe environment for their patrons. This means dry floors, an appropriate access and entrance, signage alerting guests of any spills on any flooring, and appropriately maintained seating. An owner could also be held accountable for damages in a lawsuit if a member of his or her staff actually assaults someone or if the owner won’t kick out a person who is being threatening.

Certain responsibilities are owed to the employees of a restaurant as well. These include the provision of a safe workplace, appropriate procedures that must be followed in the event that an employee is injured on the job, such as filing a report for workers’ compensation, and allowing the employee to leave the premises to get medical attention if needed.

Evaluate Your Situation 

Once you’ve had the chance to be checked out by a doctor, you might come to the realization that you need a personal injury lawyer in Canada. A slip and fall injury lawyer will help you to understand the impact of your case, potential future medical bills, and more. 

If you’re looking at a lot of bills and a long recovery time, share this information with your attorney. 

Collect Information from Witnesses

Before you meet with a slip and fall lawyer in Canada, you need to collect relevant information from witnesses. 

If you have already been seriously injured in a restaurant, it is important to gather a couple of pieces of evidence before you leave. These include the restaurant property’s liability insurance information, the owner’s name, and the unsafe practices or conditions that caused your injury. 

Further evaluation of your situation is strongly recommended. You need to identify what caused your injuries, such as negligent hiring, premises liability or something else.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney 

Without a recognition of the underlying factors involved in your situation, your case may not be successful. Take the time to thoroughly evaluate your injury and consult with a dedicated personal injury lawyer.

Your personal injury attorney should have extensive experience in helping people file lawsuits against restaurant owners when it becomes an issue of liability. Although there can be lot of complicated factors to consider in this process, it is essential to work with someone who has a thorough understanding of restaurant liability. Customer injuries can truly happen at any business and restaurants are no exception. In fact, many of the food-borne illness cases that are discovered every single year come from food that was consumed at restaurants. Whether you sustain an injury or developed a food-borne illness, it is important to schedule a consultation with an attorney as soon as possible.

Restaurants are subject to municipal, county, and state health regulations. When any of these safety regulations are violated the authorities can either fine the company or shut them down. However, these fines and penalties go directly to the government rather than the injured customers.

Every region has laws that will hold a restaurant owner to a duty of care to provide a safe environment for customers. This means that a restaurant owner must do everything possible to provide a safe environment for customers and to minimize the possibility of prospective injuries. If you have already been injured in a restaurant accident in Canada, make sure that finding an attorney is at the top of your list.

Can You Sue a Restaurant for Choking?

In most cases, the restaurant would not be liable for a choking incident. However, if it was due to food preparation, if the restaurant failed to provide medical attention, or if it’s an unintentional choking hazards, a personal injury lawyer in Canada should evaluate your case. 

What Can You Sue a Restaurant For?

You can sue a restaurant when you can show that they failed to provide a safe environment for patrons or for employees. Slip and falls, items that fall from the ceiling, and other unsafe hazards can all be named in a lawsuit. 

Can You Sue a Restaurant for Giving You Food Poisoning?

You might be able to sue a restaurant for food poisoning, but it’s very difficult to trace back the path of a foodborne illness and to pinpoint it on a particular place. You’ll need a personal injury lawyer in Canada to help you.

Can you Sue for Finding a Bug in Your Food?

To succeed with a lawsuit, you’ll need to show damages and an injury. Therefore, simply finding a bug in your food is typically not enough to proceed with a suit unless you were also injured by it.

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