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Family Lawyer Toronto | Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Toronto

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There are many different reasons that may prompt you to consult with an experienced Toronto family lawyer.

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers LLP have extensive experience with a broad range of different types of uncontested family law issues, including spousal support, child protection, child support, domestic contracts, custody and access, and divorce.

Identifying a lawyer who can handle these emotional and difficult issues as soon as possible with a caring and compassionate approach to your representation is important.

Uncontested Divorce in Canada with a Toronto Family Lawyer

You do not need to illustrate that the other individual was at fault so long as you can show that you have been living separately and that there is no possibility of reconciling. This enables you to apply for divorce.

A divorce typically requires a year of separation before it can be granted, however, you can initiate the application process in Toronto before this year is up. Exceptional circumstances may prove as exception to this rule. In uncontested divorces, you can expect between three and four months for the court to process the paperwork.

Several factors can affect length of time that it takes to get divorced, including your ability to cooperate, the spouse's location and the court in which the application is filed.

Breakdown of a marriage can be indicated if the spouses have lived separately for at least one year immediately preceding the determination of the divorce proceeding and were living separately and apart at the time of divorce proceeding or if the other spouse has committed adultery or treated the other spouse with mental or physical cruelty, as to render the continued co-habitation intolerable.

Toronto Spousal Support Legal Help You Can Trust

There are many different reasons why you may wish to receive temporary or permanent spousal support after a marriage has been dissolved. Financial partnerships are one other way to be in spousal relationships.

A judge can determine on individual case basis whether or not spousal support is appropriate and the length of time and amount that it should be paid. In order to claim spousal support, the individual must meet the legal definition of a spouse. Many different factors are considered including any written agreements between the parties and the financial position of both spouses.

Domestic Contract Assistance Offered

A marriage contract or prenuptial agreement can help to outline the terms of a marriage and determine how spouses will divide assets and finances. Everyone who is considering getting married can benefit from a marriage contract, even if you believe that you currently only have a small amount of assets.

This agreement protects your separate property, defines what property is classified as marital or not and supports your estate plans. Consulting with a knowledgeable Ontario family lawyer is extremely important if you have further questions about contracts and prenuptial agreements.

When you need assistance for your family law concerns, it’s time to find a Toronto law firm you can trust. Call the experienced family lawyers at Diamond and Diamond today at 1-888-INFO LAW, 1-888-463-6529 or contact us here.


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