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Brantford Personal Injury Lawyer

Being involved in an accident will be the start of a situation that will can cause present and future financial hardships. You will be out of work for an unspecified amount of time while dealing with your injuries and medical treatments. Your finances will be impacted as you have to pay for damages and out-of-pocket medical treatments from specialists. Also, you still have to pay for all your daily living expenses that will not wait as you are dealing with collection calls.

When you are involved in an accident that was not your fault, the liable parties should provide you with the compensation to cover all of your growing financial hardships. However, you may not know how much to ask for compensation or how to file a claim to receive it. The Diamond & Diamond personal injury law firm Brantford helps people receive financial compensation for their injuries, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. Turn to the legal professionals after you are involved in the following situations:

Vehicle Accident Claims

Vehicle accidents are the most common personal injury claims. A truck may be traveling at unsafe speeds as it hits into your vehicle, or a car driver may refuse to yield while you merge into the lane as they crash into you. Whether you are a driver or a passenger, you may receive compensation for both your injuries and property damages.

Trying to find out who is at fault can be a tricky process. There may be numerous drivers who are liable for your injuries. In addition, the insurance company may claim that you could be held partially at fault. Another factor that comes into play is that you may feel fine now only to later discover that you have a serious medical condition that was directly caused by the accident.

Having a personal injury lawyer Brantford can help you figure out who is liable for the accident and the amount of compensation you should request to cover your injuries. We can make arrangements with medical professionals to get treatments and to discuss future treatments that may be required. Our legal team will also perform an accident investigation to determine the cause of the situation and to figure out who was liable so that you can begin contacting the right insurance companies.

Dog Bite Accidents

You never know when a dog may bite you or your loved one. When a dog bite occurs, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide you with the correct contact information as well as offer compensation to cover medical expenses. However, many dog owners will try to avoid paying for your injuries or will claim it was your fault that the dog was aggressive.

There are strict laws in effect about dog bite cases. For owners, they can be held liable for the accident if they knew that the dog was aggressive and could bite people. They can also be held responsible even if they did not know that the dog would be aggressive. In this situation, they would be held at fault if they did not take the appropriate actions to keep the dog under control.

Dog bite accidents can be complicated claims to pursue based on the circumstances. You may have a case without even knowing it. Also, it can be hard to locate the owner of a roaming dog for you to hold them liable for your injuries. Contacting the best personal injury lawyer Brantford can help you determine whether you have a claim and how to proceed with your case.

Brain and Spinal Injuries

Brain and spinal injuries can be caused by slip and fall accidents, car accidents, sports accidents and other situations. However, these injuries can be hard to diagnosis or treat. Some people will feel okay for years only to one day discover that they have a spine or brain condition that was caused be a previous accident. In other cases, the medical condition can worsen and become debilitating as a person finds themselves permanently disabled.

When you are suffering from a brain or spinal injury, you should seek medical help immediately and contact a personal injury law firm Brantford. We can evaluate your case to help figure out the extent of your injuries and what treatments you may need. Then we can you link the conditions to the previous accident so you can hold the responsible parties liable for your injuries.

Diamond & Diamond Can Take On Your Case

If you have been in an accident, you don’t have to deal with the lost wages, medical expenses or financial hardships. Instead, you can hold those liable accountable for the accident and your personal injuries. Diamond and Diamond is the best personal injury lawyer Brantford who will protect your rights and provide you with the legal representation to win your claim. Contact our office today for a consultation so you can get the compensation that you deserve.


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Bicycle Accident settled without the need for Trial.



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$1.0 Million

Motor Vehicle Accident

Serious motor vehicle accident. Our paralegals were able to obtain settlement with accident benefits insurer without involving the Tribunal.


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